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Every muscle in my body contracts with pleasure when I think of you.
I want to dance.
I smile and giggle,
  my eyes roll far into the back of my head in ecstasy.

I start to shake and I know that
It's you that I want.
Every time you smile, I can see the lines around your lips as if you don't do it often.

You look deep into my eyes,
and I can only look back for a moment before my shy side
makes me to look away.
My voice goes soft and quiet,
I don't know what to say without being myself.
I don't even know you.


Why am I still hooked on you?
Every time I think I have an idea,
  you change.

Every time I talk to you,
  you laugh and smile more.

You're soft with me,
  not loud or obnoxious.

And each time I think I might have you,
  You twist away hastily in an act of strength,
        making me look weak.
how is it, that after all this time, I can still somehow want him?
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May 26, 2011
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